Areas of Expertise

From Business Startup Data to Global Operations Intelligence


Market Research

We provide reports on various markets, with a focus on actionable intelligence.  Finding the key market drivers is crucial to informing the decisions made by our clients.  Through the application of reliable analytical techniques, Blake-Philips' researchers are able to provide the most accurate data to support practical estimates of current and future trends.

Whether you are an individual investor or a venture capital firm, being able to anticipate inflection points is key to your success.  Know when to invest and when to walk away.   Make an informed decision with a Blake-Philips Market Report.


Strategic Intelligence

In the harshly competitive world of defense contracting, information is your best weapon. Blake-Philips is able to offer a unique perspective by employing researchers with both military and defense contractor backgrounds.  Our team prides itself on generating unique assessments that avoid groupthink the pressure to conform to accepted scenarios.  There is no substitute for experience.


Competitive Intelligence

We can help defend your market share through Intellectual Property Protection.  Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are necessary, but do not complete the entire picture of protection.  Active research is therefore essential to continually defend your profits and reputation.

In addition, Counter-Analysis is Blake-Philips' answer to corporate espionage.  We can help your business by defeating the attempts of adversary analysts to  discover and communicate meaningful patterns of data.